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WU Inspire: Klaud9

Hello WU Friends!

Klaud9 is a startup based in Singapore established by Isabel Gonzalez. Klaud9 help brands to minimize their costs on visual content creation such as photos and videos for their social/marketing campaigns.

We had an opportunity to interview a representative from Klaud9 Indonesia, Lavi. She is Marketing Executive who is responsible to manage social media channels, provide database for Indonesian market, and helps to execute Klaud9 services such as curation & on demand branded content.

1. When was this startup established?

Klaud9 was founded in October 2016 and the website launch was on April 2017.

2. Give a description about this startup! (what makes it different from others, what does it offer, etc)

Klaud9 was established to solve the problem of lack of Asian Stock Photos and expensive commissioned shoot for social and digital marketing campaigns in the region. Global brands want to localize their marketing campaigns in Asia and need therefore quality Asian Stock Photos and visual On demand branded content. This space is currently only dominated by American companies.

Klaud9 will be launching a new website end of June positioning itself as platform for Asian visual content specializing in Asian Stock photos where you can search by the various Asian ethnicity. It also offers low cost commissioned shoot for global and local brands specializing on Asian models.

We match the right photographers or videographers with our client’s projects. In addition, we offer Online briefs which allows clients to crowdsource photos and videos across the region and worldwide.

3. What’s the struggle in running this startup?

Our biggest challenge is to convince traditional and long established photographers and videographers to come on board of an online platform in the region. The new generation is more open to it as they are already present on any social media channel.

End consumers are slowly getting used to do online shopping and ordering food online but the photo and video industry has never been very present online in this part of the world. We have a high demand from the brands to produce great content but we need to source quicker great and high quality photographers and videographers to service their needs.

4. What kind of achievement this startup got?

We are working with leading global brands in less then a year across the region. Brands like google, VISA, Fitbit, IWC, Montblanc, Breguet, P&G among some of them and also Nivea in Jakarta.

5. What’s the future plan or sustainability program this startup will do?

We will be launching a new website end of June to attract more clients and content creators in this part of the world. We are also expanding throughout the region opening offices in Malaysia and Thailand. The objective is to become the leading online platform for Asian Visual content in the region.

For further information please contact or visit

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