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Seven years ago, came as the first online mall in Indonesia. Although fully supported by the Djarum Group, the roar of e-commerce businesses must go through many tough challenges. Understandably, at that time internet usage was still at the minimum level.

The habit of consumers who have to look at the items they want to buy and meet with the seller to bid on this online business is not much glance. We are open in July 2011. Until December the development is still slow. The following year only increasing by 11 times. From 2012 to 2015, growth has been more than 300 times. What's the secret?

"The breakthrough, we offer free delivery throughout Indonesia. For credit card users, we give 0% interest and hold two banks, namely BCA and Mandiri. Now, we are cooperating with 15 banks, "said Kusumo Martanto, CEO of PT Global Digital Niaga.

Not only that, now offers a complete payment method such as transfers via bank, e-banking, to pay by credit in collaboration with one of the telephone operators. Most recently, their customers can also pay through Indomaret outlets.

"Last year, we collaborated with a logistics company. Speaking of payment methods, you could say, we are the most complete. Then, we also launched box lockers, "he said.

According to Kusumo, the growth of e-commerce will also be faster with the help of ecosystem supports. For this reason, cooperates with many financial institutions (banks), besides of course holding many well-known brand partners and the next SMEs.

"Now, our total sales partners are 6,000 more partner merchants. Our goods now also have more than 600 thousand. Every week it can add up to 10 thousands, "Kusumo said.

Regarding the delivery of goods, he continued, the subsidiary of the Djarum Group already has cooperated with 18 logistics companies that can service shipping from Sabang to Merauke. This amount is far more than when a new company is establishing which only took 3 logistics companies.

"The number of employees has been increasing, from 24 person into more than 500 person"he said.

To improve employee empowerment, routinely conducts training both internally and externally, especially when there are seminars on e-commerce. The company also did not hesitate to send a special team to learn about e-commerce abroad.

"Both BliBli online system a talent have to be maintained, by focusing on looking for the best talent in e-commerce. The training is serious but also fun. We accommodate the hobbies of employees such as singing, dancing, and sports such as yoga, zumba, futsal, "he said.

Author: Sri Niken Handayani


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