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Website Trends: It's a Must Trend to Follow!

Hello WU Learner!

Did you know that having a website is mandatory to display your brand image to your customers. There are some factors that may influence your potential customer when surfing to your website, that make them to stay longer or bounce immediately. Design aspect, and user interface has to be aligned and attractive to create more engagement in your website.

So these are the elements that need to be in your website to be favorable by your customer:

Responsive Design: A Great Experience, Anywhere Anytime!

It is simply a way to adjust your website in all kind of platform (PC, Tablet, Laptop, Gadget). Which is accessible and user friendly for your customer! On the other hand, the slow response website design will cause the customer to bounce immediately when browsing your website in any kind of platform.

Minimalism: Simplicity is the key!

Simplicity at its best! Use the most effective and efficient type of design, colors, and fonts that is friendly on the eye of the customer. A website design that is simple enough, but able to represent your brand image to the customer, and delivered well to them. Nowadays, many websites are implementing continuous scrolling to reduce the number of clicks for the web surfer.

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