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3 Ways To Improve Your Creative Thinking

Hello WU Learner!

Nowadays, creative thinking is important in the workplace. Many jobs require creative thinking including positions in the word of business. So what is creative thinking?

Creative thinking means being able to come up with something new. New in any field, new idea, new ways to solve problem or new perception of the things. What happens on people nowadays in workplace are have no time to dream, to idea and to allow creative sparks. short-therm ism is a goal and addicted to meeting (and PowerPoint, too.) and how we improve that? Let’s check it out!

Spend one hour a day to think creatively

Free up some time on your calendar. We need to earmark a significant portion of time to be creative so we can have little chance of inventing that next great idea. At least you have one hours a day that called “me time”.

Start Saying No To Meetings

When you are accept every single request for a meeting, you are cutting into your creative thinking time. Be more selective in saying yes.

View the world differently

Our creative thinking begins operating in far more imaginative and inspiring ways when we see the world differently.

Are you the creative thinker? Lets improve start from now :)


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