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Hello WU Learner!

Every startup has different and unique working environment. Some people are having a difficulties on adapting with the startups working environment and culture, and it may give a negative impact to the performance of the company, caused by the employees that is unable to keep up or adapt with the work culture.

There are a few intangible things in you that you need to emphasize and encourage as an employee or the owner, to work and aligned with their vision and mission to achieve the success together

1. Perseverance

Perseverance is a requirement for innovation because most innovation is created during a startup's darkest times. When a startup struggles, it is forced to evolve. It is also during these times of struggle that a company’s stars shine the brightest. An A-level player will not be discouraged by failure instead he or she will be a part of an innovative solution.

2. Ownership Mentality

Thinking like an owner means being reliable in completing tasks while understanding the big picture. Employees that are able to think like owners are comfortable with ambiguity and understand how their role impacts and affects others at the company. They don’t leave ideating to their managers and they bring feedback, insight, and suggestions to every meeting.

3. Effective Communicator

Last but not least, successful startup employees are effective communicators. While an employee who is not an effective communicator may be a fantastic individual contributor, he or she will not be great leader within the organization. Being an effective communicator isn’t about charisma, it’s about getting accurate information to the right people in a manner that is easy to digest and is timely.  Communication and transparency helps startups grow quickly. Leaders with poor communication skills are a liability to any company-- they will not be able to maximize their team’s potential and will ultimately slow your startup’s growth.


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