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Ways To Attract An Investor And Secure Funds For Your Startup

Hello WU Learner!

Being able to conduct a pitching session and attract the potential investors is needed for every startup seat stage in Indonesia. There are many ways to attract investors and secure funds for your startup. Make sure you follow the steps below!

1. Create a realistic budget to gain traction

Investors consider the best companies to be those with proven traction and customer discovery. You will need a budget to get your first customers and make sure that a business-market match exists. You need to understand how much this will cost in terms of travel, expenses and additional fees.

2. Get to know potential investors

Save yourself time and money by conducting through research on potential investors. Get to know them well enough that you can interact with them on a personal and even spiritual level.

3. Use social media

A strong, positive social media presence can entice investors. The investors will remember us as the social media start who freely shared inspiration and positivity once you conduct a pitching session.

4. Pitch at your level

If you are just starting out, start small in your search for investors. As a newcomer in the business arena, increase your odds of success by choosing small, lesser-known investors who frequently support your type of business.

5. Practice your pitch

It is highly recommended to craft an elevator pitch and taking every opportunity to practice it. You have to look confident and understand your own product best to impress the investors.

6. Keep on keeping on

Above all else, keep trying and keep working. There will always be your first time, rejection, and failures. Just make sure that you don’t give up and work harder than before!


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