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I Love Networking

Hello WU Friends!

Many of you does not like to do a networking session, which you have to mingle and do lot of conversation with people that you are not familiar. But in today’s world, networking is necessity. Lot of job and business opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge, getting recognition, sharing ideas, and lots that you can get by attending a networking session.

The following tips below are the strategies that you can use to change your mindset about networking, and making it more fun!

1. Focus on Learning

Tell yourself “This networking event could be interesting. Sometimes when you last expect it, you have a conversation that brings up new ideas and leads to new experiences and opportunities”, instead of “I hate these kinds of events. I’m going to have to put on a show and schmooze and pretend to like it”

Concentrate on the positives – how it’s going to help you boost the knowledge and skills that are needed in your job – and the activity will begin to seem much more worthwhile.

2. Identify Common Interests

When your networking is driven by substantive, shared interests you’ve identified through serious research, it will feel more authentic and meaningful and is more likely to lead to relationships that have those qualities too.

3. Think Broadly About What You Can Give

Even when you do not share an interest with someone, you can probably find something valuable to offer by thinking beyond the obvious.

Think more about what you can give to others than what you can get from them, networking will seem less self-promotional and more selfless, which more worthy of your time.

4. Find a Higher Purpose

Any work activity becomes more attractive when it’s linked to a higher goal. Many if not most of us are ambivalent about networking, although it’s critical to our professional success, yet we find it taxing and often distasteful. These strategies can help you overcome your aversion.

By shifting to a promotion mindset, identifying and exploring share interests, expanding your view of what you have to offer, and motivating yourself with a higher purpose, you’ll become more excited about and effective at building relationships that bear fruit for everyone.


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