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History has been made! Celebrating the Asian Games 2018!

Image: hindistiantimes

Hello WU Friends!

Our country just made a history in 2018! Hosting an international event Asian Games 2018 starting from mid of 18 August until 2nd of September. Our athletes has been trying their best to compete and to get a medallion for the honor of our country. Their hard work had been paid off by able to get 31 gold medal, 23 silver medal, and 37 bronze medal. By far, Asian Games 2018 has becoming the biggest accomplishment by Indonesian athletes.



We celebrate our victory by having a closing ceremony that was held in Main Stadium Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), by our fellow singers, celebrities, and 2 boy band from South Korea, which are Ikon, and Super Junior. Both local and international artist have been giving their best performance to entertain the audience in GBK stadium for closing ceremony.


None of this would have been accomplished without the support from Indonesian citizens, the government, and of course the committee of the event organizer. The history has been made, it is time to celebrate, let us hope that this will drive Indonesian athlete to become better, and make Indonesia as a country that is capable of held a big international event!.

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