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Lots of businesses that has a good business model, innovative, and impact towards the industry might be not known in the market, because their names must been covered by big companies and big names in the same industry. Brand image is what the customer perceived towards our brand, while brand awareness is their awareness towards our brand. Are we known by the society? Do we still in the market? Are they know that we are exist? Is our audience we are targeting is aware of our brand?

Therefore, it is important for a company to build those awareness in the market, and in the consumers mind that our brand does exist and running! These are the tips for you to build an awesome brand awareness for your business!

1. Segment Branding Efforts to Target Highly Specific Audiences

In this digital era, the audiences are searching their information through internet or any social media platform. It is necessary to have a strong foundation of our company through our website and social media, to give them brief information on who we are, what we are doing, and what differentiate us from our competitors.

There are many businesses that are running the same industry and selling similar type of products and services. Rather than going too broad, just make it more specific towards the audience we want to target, to differentiate between us and them.

2. Use Search Result Re-targeting to Establish Strong Brand Recall

Using digital and online platform will be the best option to re-targets our audience while enable us to track the audience that are visiting our website, and showing an interests on our business. There are four ways that can be used to re-targeting to establish stronger brand recall amongst current and prospective customers:

a. Re-target individuals with a preliminary brand awareness

b. Re-target people who have previously visited your site

c. Focus on people who have opened an email

d. Track users who have searched for your product by name

3. Make Social Customer Engagement a Priority

This digital era has becoming an advantage for the businesses to market their brand, and to develop a loyal customer or fans through social media. It also requires you to be more proactive than reactive, stance. Being proactive helps you to increase brand awareness in your audience and the ROI of your social media marketing. Don't forget to keep in touch with your new customer, existing customer, and retain customer


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