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E-Sports: Next Generation of Sports for Millennial

Hello WU Friends!

In this digital era, lots of new things and ideas is coming in the most unexpected ways. In the previous era, sports are limited into physical sports such as soccer, football, basketball, swimming, etc. Nowadays, millennial are bring sports into the next level. E-Sports are becoming a big thing all around the world. E-Sports is a sports in a form of gaming platform, which called gaming platform. Gaming platform itself are Playstation, Personal Computer, Mobile, Nintendo, etc.

AOV (Arena of Valor) is an online competitive mobile game contested in Asian Games 2018. Unfortunately, the home team still unable to defeat the opponent in the Asian Games, and bring home the medallion after losing to Thailand.

Aside from AOV, another competitive game such as Counter-Strike, DOTA (Defense of The Ancient), Mobile Legends, Fortnite, PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) is offering a fantastic prize pool for the winner of the tournament. A month ago, DOTA international event called "The International 8" has just offering a total prize pool of $23,532,177.

Therefore, a team of E-Sports has been made to win the prize pool of the tournaments. By far, these 3 games have the biggest prize pool in history of e-sports.

1. DOTA 2 : The International 8: $23,532,177

2. League of Legends: $5,070,000

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: $1,500,000

The future of E-Sports is getting clearer, lots of online games has offering a huge amount of prize pool to be competed and attract new gamer to become a professional gamer. Do you have what it takes to become an E-sports athlete and bring home the prize pool of the tournaments?

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