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Better You in 2018!

Hello WU Learner!

Having a friendly website interface is needed for you to increase the number of traffic and reduce the bounce rate, and potentially becoming a conversions for your business! Because the website interface is the factor that determines whether your website is attractive or not to be visited.

In 2018, these are the trends that you have to follow to have a better user interface for your website!

1. Landing Pages with More Consistently and Structure

Having a good website structure and consistency will bring the visitors a clear information that is needed in the Main Page. Where they can just find what are they looking for just scrolling down the Main Page website, rather than clicking and navigates into multiple pages.

2. Incorporate New and Unique Images on Your Website

Let the pictures tell the story of your company, businesses, services, and products itself! Having a unique and good quality of pictures represent that your business is committed on what you are doing.

3. Bring in Gradient Colors

Having a smooth color transition into your website will give your website a better look and eye-friendly for your website visitors. Which also eye catching at the same time that makes your website more attractive, by playing around with the gradient colors.

4. Upgrade your typography

Make sure to incorporate a few bigger headings into your website. Adding unique fonts that is represent your business to fulfill your website, by positioning them correctly.

5. Video Content Is The Way

Pictures itself is not enough! The statistics generated from facebook state that by the year of 2020, 80%of users mobile data will be attributed to video. Which is good to put a video that represent your business image, that is also able to give more detail and clear information that cannot be delivered just by putting a pictures in your website.

And also make sure to grab the viewer’s attention within the first three seconds of the video, this can be done by the constant of your website.

6. Bringing it Back To Basics and Ensuring Your Website is Mobile Responsive

Lastly, make sure that your website is responsive to be opened via mobile. Otherwise, the viewers will bounce immediately when opening a slow responsive website when they are seeking for more information in your website.

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