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Best Candidate for Good Leader

Hello WU Learner!

Every CEOs know that a successful companies employ skilled leaders. Thus, they are constantly in search of people who embody those great leadership qualities and character.

A lot of studies have been done to find the right quality of a leader. Here are the qualities of a leader which CEOs value most.

1. Effective Problem-Solving Skills

When a problem occurred, a good leader should think fast to find the solution. Working under pressure while solving the problem will be a challenge to the leader themselves but once he aces it, it will speak volumes in the eyes of the CEO.

2. Results-Driven

Develop your vision. A good leader has to know where to drive everything right until the end of the result. You have to focus on the final result but still keep on the efficiency of the process and make sure that the quality is on its best.

3. Supportive of Others

Having a warm and nice environment amongst the team is a need. A supportive leader will ensure that all people in their team are engaged, happy, productive, and focused on having good result. A CEO values the leader who can actually support and care about others.

4. Encourages a Variety of Perspectives

Listening to others’ opinion is a need which it includes in one of great leadership qualities. Though you will be the one who make the final decision, the process in reaching the decision should include all idea of the team because you will not know who is gonna come up with a innovative one.

5. Champions Change

Last but not least, to make an impression on a CEO, you need genuinely believe in your work and carry the vision wherever you go. It’s fine to disagree and present other opinions but make sure you have to be excited on what you are currently working on.


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