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You Are What You Eat!

Eat well is one step of having a healthy lifestyle. Your body reflect the type of foods and drinks that you consume on your daily basis. The more you eat and drink health, the more immune and healthier our body is. There goes a saying of you are what you eat!

Luckily, there are lots of restaurant and F&B businesses that is selling healthy food that consists of fruits, and vegetables mixed with some ingredients that make the food healthy and yummy at the same time!

Here are our 5 list of place that is selling a healthy food that is less calories and more nutrition!

1. Nalu Bowls

The big fish of healthy food joint in Bali finally made its way to Jakarta! Healthy food enthusiasts and trend seekers will surely flock to Nalu Bowls Kemang to have a taste of their six signature smoothies bowl


This heathy food joint in Dharmawangsa not only uses organic ingredients, but also recycle-able furniture. If smoothies bowl and coffee are your thing, this is your place to go!

3. Berrywell

This place offers something that no other food joints have done: labeling each of their menu smoothies bowl, hot dish, and even their cakes with the number of calories. It’s the perfect place for all of calorie counters out there!

4. Bowl of Heaven by Nebula

Another healthy food joint that originates from Bali. Locaed inside the hippest ‘food court’ in Senopati, this place presents 10 types of guilt-free smoothies bowl.

5. Beets & Bouts

This place has more variety than the others. Besides the usual smoothies bowl and cold-pressed juice, it also serves dozens of other options such as Quiona salad and Nasi Jeruk. Another plus: the green atmosphere of the restaurant is as rejuvenating as its healthy dishes


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