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WU Inspire: ANGIN (Angel Investment Network Indonesia)

ANGIN is the first structured angel investment network in Indonesia. ANGIN has grown today as the largest network of high-net-worth individuals in Indonesia who pool resources together to engage in early stage investment and mentoring.

Our Angel Investors are experienced professionals who have built their wealth in various industries (e.g. media, real-estate, FMCG, natural resources) and are committed to provide capital to entrepreneurs active in various industries (technology/Web, consumer products/services, social enterprises).

The motivation of our Angel Investors goes beyond profit-making as they play a crucial role in nurturing Indonesian entrepreneurs with strategic guidance, deep industry expertise and access to networks. They have the patience to allow time for new industry leader and company maturation.

The ANGIN investors are supported by a dedicated investment team and a strong network of partners (advisors, coinvestors, mentors) that grows the exchange of expertise.


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