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All Out in 10 Minutes!

Pitching in front of potential investors is the only way to attract and getting their attention. Make your 10 minutes of opportunity worthwhile! These amazing tips will make the potential investor astonished!

1. Tell a story

Begin your pitch with a compelling story. It should address the problem you’re solving in the marketplace. This will engage your audience right out of the gate!

Do some research about the investor, so you have a good sens of what the investors care about and can tailor your story to them!

2. Your Solution

Keep it short, concise, and easy for the investors about how is the uniqueness of your product will able to solve the issue!

3. Your Target Market

Be realistic and specific on who you’re building your product for!

4. Your revenue or business model

How to make the money? This will be the anticipated part of pitching session. Be very specific about your products and pricing and emphasize again how your market is anxiously awaiting your arrival!

5. Your successes: Early traction and Milestones

Take some time to share the relevant traction you’ve had in the beginning of your presentation to build some credibility!

Impress the investors with what you and your team have accomplished to date! (sales, contracts, key hires, product launches, impacts, and so on).

6. Customer acquisition: Marketing and sales strategy

This is usually one of the most skipped sections of an investor pitch and a full business plan. How will you reach your customers? How much will it cost? How will you measure success? Let your financials should easily allow you to calculate your customer acquisition costs.

7. Your team

Investors invest in people first and ideas second, so be sure to share details about your rock star team and why they are the right people to lead this company.

8. Final projections

Show what you’re projecting in revenue (per product) over the next three to five years. You must back up your numbers by sharing your assumptions. Make sure to give them the correct information they need to see the accuracy of your projections!

9. Your Competition

The best way to communicate your value proposition over your competitors’ is to show this slide in a competitive matrix format, where you list your competitors down the left side of the page, you have your features / benefits across the top. Ideally, you have check marks across the top for every category, and your competitors lack in key areas to show your competitive advantage!

10. Your funding needs

Clearly spell out how much money has already been invested in your company, whom, ownership percentages, and how much more you need to go to the next level.

And remind the audience why your management team is capable of managing their investment for growth. Be detail on how much you need, why you need the funding, what it will be used for, and the intended outcome.


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